The Covid outbreak has affected the entire nation due to lockdowns for several weeks/months and various restriction on work which hit the poor strata of the society and migrant workers adversely. To address the livelihood crisis of migrants and wage-seekers, the Dept. has introduced Urban Wage Employment Initiative (UWEI) on 18th April, 2020 with an initial budgetary allocation of Rs.100 crore for a period of 6 months. Keeping in view the impact, the scheme extended for another 6 months till 31st March, 2021 with additional allocation of Rs.100 crore.After successful completion of the programme which has generated 15 lakh mandays, the Govt. has decided to run the programme in full-fledged manner and introduce “Mukhya Mantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan (MUKTA)” with an objective to provide sustainable livelihood opportunity to the urban poor.

Govt. adopted community centric approaches under MUKTA scheme and partnered with local Mission Shakti Groups and Slum Dwellers Associations to implement different projects at ward level.Construction of community assets like “Mini Park, Open Gym, Child Play Station, Loo, Walking Track, Open Space Development, Play Ground, Vending Zone, Water Body, Multipurpose community centers i.e Parichay and Mission Shakti Gruha etc.” across urban Odisha to improve the quality of life of citizens in partnership with Mission Shakti SHGs and Slum Dwellers Associations (SDAs) for implementation & maintenance of assets is the unique feature of this programme.  Under “Catch the Rain” campaign Rain Water Harvesting Structures (RWHS) have been created across the state to conserve water at grass-root level with the active participation of community for which Odisha bagged International Guangzhou Award.Convergence of MUKTA with JAGA Mission is another highlight of the programme in which Slums of the cities have been upgraded to livable habitats. Basic infrastructure facilities have been created in the slums in all cities of the State.

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