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Review Meeting of NULM on 1st Oct 2019.
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Sl.No.TitleDescriptionPost DateFile
1 3rd Governing Body 3rd Governing Body Proceeding01/06/2021 File
2 6th G.B Proceeding 6th Governing Body Proceeding 01/06/2021 File
3 7th Governing Body7th Governing Body Proceeding01/06/2021 File
4 13th Governing Body13th Governing Body Proceeding01/06/2021 File
5 14th Governing Body14th Governing Body Proceeding01/06/2021 File
6 15th Governing Body15th Governing Body Proceeding 01/06/2021 File
7 16th Governing Body16th Governing Body Proceeding01/06/2021 File
8 17th Governing Body17th Governing Body Proceeding01/06/2021 File
9 18th Governing Body18th Governing Body Proceeding01/06/2021 File
10 19th Governing Body19th Governing Body Proceeding01/06/2021 File
11 20th Governing Body20th Governing Body Proceeding01/06/2021 File
12 11th Governing Body11th Governing Body Proceeding06/01/2021 File
13 12th Governing Body12th Governing Body Proceeding06/01/2021 File
14 4th Governing Body4th Governing Body Proceeding01/08/2021 File
15 8th Governing Body8th Governing Body Proceeding01/08/2021 File
16 5th Governing Body5th Governing Body Proceeding01/11/2021 File

Notification Details

Sl.No.TitleDescriptionPost DateFile
1 Gazette Notification on Rule for Street VendorRules for SUSV under NULM22/08/2015 File
2 Gazette Notification on SchemeScheme for urban street vendors under NULM22/08/2015 File
3 40 Empanelled STPs40 Empanelled skill training providers under EST&P training programme22/08/2015 File
4 MES Courses/TradesMES Courses/Trades with code number to be adopted/followed for EST&P training.22/08/2015 File
5 OULM TargetAnnual Target under "Odisha Urban Livelihood Mission (OULM)" for the year 2015-16.16/09/2015 File
6 List of Resource Organisation (ROs) selected for ULBs.Resource Organisation (ROs) selected for Urban Local Bodies under National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) in Odisha.14/12/2015 File
7 Publication of RFP & Pre-bid meetingEstablishment & Operationalisation of District Project Management Unit(DPMU) to assist DUDA17/07/2017 File

Circular Details

Sl.No.TitleDescriptionPost DateFile
1 Extending benefit of NULM SchemeExtending the benefit of NULM Scheme to NFSA beneficiaries.15/04/2016 File
2 Minutes of the MeetingMinutes of the NULM review meeting held on 18th & 19th January 2016 pertaining to Resource Organisation.15/04/2016 File
3 Minutes of MeetingMinutes of NULM review meeting held on 18th & 19th January pertaining to assessing bodies. 15/04/2016 File
4 Minutes of MeetingMinutes of review meeting on SMMU and CMMU managers under NULM held on 18th & 19th January-2016.15/04/2016 File
5 Minutes of MeetingMinutes of the workshop on placement strategy under EST & P component of NULM held on 5th & 6th Feb-2016.15/04/2016 File
6 Physical TargetComponent wise Physical Target under DAY-NULM for the year 2016-1726/07/2016 File
7 Physical target under SEP component of DAY-NULM for the year 2018-19Physical target under SEP component of DAY-NULM for the year 2018-1906/09/2018 File